Lighten the Load of Type 2 Diabetes

Helping to ease the burden of therapy

The challenge of living with and treating Type 2 diabetes can be a heavy burden for patients and physicians. The V-Go® is a disposable insulin delivery device that offers a different approach to help lighten the load of the disease, while providing blood sugar control.

Resources at their fingertips

Selling messages. Sales training. Reference materials. To help ensure that Valeritas representatives have all their resources in one place, we developed digital solutions so that all content lives on the iPad®. Making it easy to update with learnings from the field, Valeritas representatives are always in-the-know.

Simple to watch and learn

It’s not always enough to talk about the V-Go; sometimes you have to see it to believe it. GA helped to create videos that demonstrate how the V-Go works both inside and out; video testimonials from patients and healthcare professionals were also included.

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