The story behind the story of Upsher-Smith.

Dozens of products. Multiple audiences

A new focus on therapies for the central nervous system. How do you weave each of these elements into an engaging story? By keeping it simple.

A common thread for an uncommon company

To bring the Upsher-Smith story to life, we needed to create a common thread. It was a big task. But the people of Upsher-Smith bear an even greater responsibility on their shoulders. They work to improve the lives of people every day through the therapies they create.

Focusing on the people

Upsher-Smith isn’t the type of company driven to simply churn out more and more products. Rather, their desire is to create the right products. We found that the common thread is the employees themselves—their dedication, commitment, and passion. Crafting this into one well-told story wasn’t an easy task. Yet the resulting campaign became one cohesive story that bound together and rang true.

Refreshingly simple

The extraordinarily clean design of sets the stage for growth that is certain to be the next successful chapter in their ongoing legacy.