Are You Missing Hunter Syndrome?

The challenge of recognizing this rare disorder

Hunter syndrome—mucopolysaccharidosis II (MPS II)—is a serious, progressive genetic disorder. Symptoms begin to appear at ages 2 to 4 years and affect multiple organs in the body. However, some of the earliest presenting signs and symptoms of Hunter syndrome, such as hernias and recurrent ear infections, are common childhood ailments. The challenge: How can we increase recognition of this rare, genetic disorder?

Patient-friendly education

A complex disorder doesn’t have to be impossible to understand. An uncomplicated yet thorough explanation of Hunter syndrome alongside clear graphics helps patients and families learn more about the rare disorder.

Stopping busy doctors in their tracks

For physicians and medical specialists, these smart visuals and compelling headlines will stop them in their tracks. Using a targeted approach focused on individual specialties, we bring the story to them. It’s the clinical way of saying, “Hey, doctor, you might be seeing Hunter syndrome more than you think.”