Helping Fragile Babies Breathe

INOmax® is inhaled nitric oxide, approved and used to relax constricted blood vessels in near-term or term infants who are having trouble developing normal breathing capacity post delivery. It is a very active, fast-acting, potent vasodilator.

It is used in a critical care setting [Neonatal Intensive Care] to aid the lungs in processing oxygen, maximizing the amount of oxygen passing through the lung’s alveoli into the baby’s bloodstream.

The Clinical Challenge and Creative Solution

Clinicians did not understand or appreciate the fundamental function of this life-saving inhalation therapy and were saving it for use only in the sickest, most fragile cases.

Our campaign made a visual point of blood vessels of newborn lungs being open to receive oxygen rich blood. The focus on use of INOmax earlier in the life-saving process made a dramatic impact on clinical outcomes and families’ lives.