The trouble with awareness

Although 50% of cancer patients experience breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP), there was still little information available about potential treatment options that could deliver fast relief. Typically, oncologists attributed BTcP to inadequate dosing of around-the-clock opioids and thus, would attempt to treat BTcP by reevaluating dosage of persistent pain medications.

Showcasing the ABSTRAL story

To help educate oncologists, we outfitted ABSTRAL sales teams with a one-of-a-kind interactive iPad app tailored with pertinent information, successfully positioning ABSTRAL as the go-to BTcP treatment.

Then, with oncologists on board, we turned our attention to the patients, providing a powerful yet empathetic campaign spanning patient brochures to branded support programs, all the while aligning with patients’ need to get simple, fast relief so they can get back to the things that really matter.