Adam T

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b

Alexandra K

I was peed on by a lion during a family vacation.

Alicia R

I hiked the Great Wall of China.

Alissa K

I played and coached softball in the Netherlands.

Amanda W

I played water polo at U of I.

Anne B

I just moved back to Chicago from sunny Colorado.

Ashley H

I have paraglided off the Swiss Alps.

Barclay M

I'm named after a hockey player.

Becky T

I hail from the state of hockey.

Billy H

I'm always changing my appearance. I'm an actor.

Blerta M

Peanut butter cups are my weakness.

Borisz B

Once impersonated international soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic to get into a swedish nightclub.

Brad V

I used to be gnarly.

Brett B

I have hand-written more than 250 pages of musical charts for my band.

Brian Rose
Bridget K

I was in a test joke audience for Jimmy Fallon.

Candace S

In Ohio, I worked at a Chicago hotdog-style food truck.

Catherine W

I am a wood whittler.

Chris G

I used to be a bike messenger during which time I learned meeting deadlines is really important and you only need a helmet 99% of the time. Oh, and always be nice to the ER hospital staff.

Chris R

I am obsessed with music and have attended over 200 concerts (then I lost count!)

Cole K

Seldom right, but never in doubt.

Cori D

They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true!

Daniel V

Was once pulled on stage for a dance contest in PCB, Florida during spring break...1-0...

David K

I once gave Patrick Kane a 12-pack of home-brewed beer.

Dennis L

I drove Huey Lewis & the News to the Minnesota State Fair.

Doug Y

Love music. Play guitar. Once went on tour.

Emily A

Love astronomy—Once I saw the Northern Lights.

Eric F

I am a former Jungle Cruise Skipper.

Geoff M

Duck quacks don't echo.

Greg W

I like to keep a fast tempo.

Jamie D

I've traveled to 6 continents, and I've been skydiving twice.

Jamie U

I learned to drive in a car that was almost 25 years old!

Jamil L

There are more cells of microbes in the human body than human cells.

Jason D

I once had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on my bosses best friend while having dinner with her, her friend and my partner at RL. At least I know I can always get a job wherever she goes.

Jason J

I'm going to be a professional bass angler when I grow up.

Jean M

I used to be a dance instructor...where I learned the art of balance and keeping people on their toes.

Jeff C

I've been to 57 Phish concerts in 11 states.

Jenn H

Don't ever ask me to recite song lyrics, they will be wrong (but probably hilariously wrong).

Jennifer B

My favorite season is winter

Jim K

I once had a meeting with Desmond Tutu about his prostate.

Jody C

I love paying for things with my iPhone.

Joe K

For years I owned a pet boa constrictor named Basil.

Joe V

I marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin.

Joey W

I met my wife at a talent show. (I finished third)

John R

I once licked a cactus on a dare.

Johnny M

I'm afraid of horses.

Joie M

I've been dropping mixtapes since '95 and can make a playlist for any occasion.

Julie H

When I was a kid, I wanted to be the next Mary Lou Retton.

Julie R

My family is the real-life 'Partridge Family'.

Justin C

I sold books door to door in college.

Justin C

I'm a yes man.

Karen K

I went to trapeze school this past summer!

Kate S

I've watched "A Christmas Story" every year of my life on Christmas Day.

Katherine F

I've scuba dived between two tectonic plates.

Kathi K

I worked as a forensic toxicologist at the Medical Examiner's Office in Detroit and did infectious disease research at Rush Medical Center in Chicago.

Ken G

I'm Greg W's best (and only) friend.

Kerri K

Native NYer but Chicago won me over.

Kevin J

I used to play drums on the street for extra cash.

Kurt M


Lare A

I am a Palindrome

Laura H

I will go to a National Park any chance I get!

Laurel F

I want to be the commissioner of the NFL.

Lauren G

My house used to look like the Griswold’s at Christmas.

Leah Z

I've never been on a roller coaster.

Lupe M

I've had 4 near-death experiences and one of my brothers saved me 3 out of the 4.

Maggie A

I've been skydiving and love heights.

Maggie B

As an ex-gymnast, I can be seen walking on my hands and doing cartwheels at any opportune moment!

Maja G

I have ACHOO syndrome: I sneeze uncontrollably when I look at bright sunlight.

Mark G

I was arrested for scalping Cubs tickets as a kid.

Marty G

I was GA's very 1st St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun in 1999!

Matt P

On my spare time I am a Lego master builder.

Maureen H

Animal lover

Max T

I play competitive Ultimate Frisbee and have won a college National Championship.

Megan G

Am I still considered a baker if I've never made a fruitcake?

Megan K

I was once disappeared on a David Copperfield magic show.

Meghan T

I am an ordained minister.

Mercedes H

I released baby turtles back to the ocean in Cancun.

Michelle H

My childhood dance teacher also taught Chaz (then Chastity) Bono.

Mike G

I've seen the band Widespread Panic over 100 times coast-to-coast

Mike K

I met my wife while playing frisbee in Oz Park.

Mike M

My grandfather's name is Paul McCartney.

Milena G

I adore my cat Leo : )

Misty C

I'm nerdy and adventurous - I belong to 2 book clubs but I also skydive. Yep, I'm a Gemini.

Nancy F

I am an identical twin.

Nick B

As a kid, I had a ten-pound pet tortoise named Jo-Jo. He ran away one day during the summer and I never saw him again.

Patrick M

I want to be a Ghostbuster when I grow up.

Patrick T

Marilyn Monroe sang to honor the day I was born.

Pierre F

I speak Swedish from the 70s.

Raphe C

I own about 20,000 comic books. Don't judge.

Rick B

Was an avid skateboarder "back in the day".

Ron B

Voted 5th place "Best Smile" in my high school class.

Ron K

I have a podcast where I talk about Star Wars.

Ron M

After graduation from NIU, I was a Sergeant in the Army stationed in Germany.

Roxanne C

I never turn down chocolate.

Rubi G

Animal lover


Look forward all year to fall Cabo trip.

Ryan T

I dress up for the holidays. Every. Holiday.

Sarah H

I once dove the Great Barrier Reef.

Sarah K

I no longer have 4 eyes and I LOVE Brenda Walsh!

Sheila G

I ran the NYC Marathon in 2004.

Soyoon B

I'm an engineer-turned-writer.

Steve B

I taught skiing in Colorado.

Steve D

I only take R&B advice from Sinbad.

Susan C

My first car broke down so many times until it only ran in reverse.

Suzanne R

There is a very good reason why my friends call me "Shoe"-zanne.

Sydney B

California...knows how to party. —2PAC

Tae K

I've fallen asleep while driving and crashed. Twice.

Taylor P

I can't whistle or snap my fingers.

Thomas H

I competed in the Marathon Rowing Championship in 2008. We got 3rd.

Tim G

Thanks to a friendship that began with the "contact" link on my favorite opera singer's website, I sat in the box seats with her family when she sang at the reopening of the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona after it burned.

Tim M

I once played pong with Hank Aaron.

Tony D

I'm always up for a good game of Trivial Pursuit.

Tracy S

I survived a car accident because of a wheelbarrow.

Veronica D

Proud to be Canadian.